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The 2024 Summer Historical Passport Program

Red and white covered bridge in autumn with colored leaves.

The Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County and Somerset Trust Company have created a "Passport to History" in Somerset County. The program, featuring 20 sites, is a fun scavenger hunt in which participants learn about - and visit - local historic sites throughout the County. It is a great activity for home school students, Scouts, individuals, and families.

The Passport is used to collect rubbings from "rubbing posts" at each site. All the posts are locate outside; there is no need to enter any buildings.

To participate, each person will need an official Passport booklet, their own dark-colored crayon, and a cloth to wipe dry the image on the rubbing post. The booklets can be picked up at the Somerset Historical Center Wednesday thru Saturday (10a.m. - 4 p.m.) after May 8, 2024, or from Somerset Trust Company's main office on West Main Street in Somerset during the bank's normal business hours

Using the clues in the Passport, participants can identify the location of each site, then visit the site and find the nearby "Rubbing Post." Each site in the Passport booklet has a page with a blank square that can be laid on top of the engraved images found on the rubbing post. Using a crayon, they can lightly rub over the plate transferring the image to the Passport. Participants chould make sure the plate is totally dry before placing their passport on its surface.

A participant who collects 15 of the 20 images can take the Passport to the Somerset Historical Center (10649 Somerset Pike, Somerset) after July 31, 2024 to have the images verified and receive a laser-cut commemorative keepsake magnet. If all 20 images are obtained, their name will be entered into a drawing for a door prize. The Passport program will end November 30, 2024.