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Genealogy / Research

The Historical and Genealogical Society's Research Library collects and makes available books, records, family files, and other archival materials of historical and genealogical significance to Somerset County. The Library is open during regular hours and is included with the regular admission to the Somerset Historical Center. HGSSC Members get in free. Research for hire is also offered if you are unable to physically visit the library. No food or drink is allowed in the library and we ask that you leave your bag in your vehicle or utilize one of our storage lockers.

Research for Hire

Library Fees:

Copies: Standard $0.25, from Microfilm $0.50

Photo license: $5.00 (includes unlimited digital photographs of research material)


The Historical Society's Library currently features several thousand volumes including the following resources:

  • Birth records: on microfilm 1893-1908
  • Cemetery Records
  • Census Records: indexes on shelf for 1790-1850, 1870-1880;  Originals on microfilm 1790-1880, 1890, 1900-1920; 1930 census records for Somerset and Cambria Counties
  • Church Histories
  • Church Records
  • County Histories: Somerset County, and miscellaneous counties in and out of Pennsylvania
  • Crafts and trades
  • Death Records: on microfilm 1852-1853, 1893-1908.
  • Delayed Birth Records: 1941 - 1965
  • Diaries, Ledgers, and Journals
  • Estate Records: index on shelf,  original records on microfilm
  • Family Files: information contributed by researchers
  • Family Histories: published and unpublished works by other researchers
  • Genealogy Newsletters: index and originals of Laurel Messenger 1960 to present;  Other societies in and out of county
  • Historic Resource Survey: survey of historic buildings in Somerset County
  • Immigration and Naturalization Records: on microfilm
  • Land Records (Surveys, Warrants & Deeds): index for surveys & warrants on shelf, originals on microfilm
  • Local Histories
  • Maps: 18th century Harmon Husband's Map c1790, 1760s-1810s Township Surveys & Warrants, 1810, 1816, 1830 and 1860 maps of Somerset County, 1876 Beer's Atlas, "Bird's Eye View" maps of selected towns, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of selected towns, 4-H land plat books
  • Marriage Records: on microfilm 1792-1802, 1885-1968
  • Microfilm records from Somerset County Courthouse
  • Military Records
  • Newspapers: originals on microfilm
  • Obituaries: approximately 20,000 in the card catalog and computer. More added daily. 
  • Reference Books
  • Subject Files: collected information on topics concerning the county and region
  • Surname Search Files: List of surnames other researchers are researching with names and addresses
  • Tax Records: on shelf 1798 Direct Tax and miscellaneous years, on microfilm 1796-1879;  Tax records from former Bedford County townships that are now part of Somerset County 1775 – 1793